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There is no casino (whether real or virtual), without a roulette wheel. This special gambling has become the symbol of gambling and casinos and it is currently the most popular online casino game. Its popularity comes from the fact - as opposed to games like poker - you do not need any special talents to play and fairly given to each the same opportunities. Roulette comes from the French and means "small wheel". It was invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal sometime in the 17th century.

He used it as a random number generator for his efforts later that people realized its potential as a game of chance. Once this happened, the "0" was included in the wheel to offset the house advantage. A concept that has further taken a step Americans by inserted the "00" in the wheel. This increased the house edge to about 5% and made the casino game to the extremely lucrative business for casino operators.

The betting system used appeared to everyone fairly simple and direct, at least until a real roulette table in a casino or face online. There are a wide range of bet types that can put you, each with its own peculiarities and the attendant benefits. Let us look at these bets again and I'll try to represent it as doing the house odds come to the game: A bet is called "Smooth (straight) bets" when a player puts his chip or his stack of chips directly to a number on the table. If the ball lands now so in the compartment with the number that was set, he wins.

How much? Here it starts to get interesting. A straight bet is paid out at odds of 35 to 1, which means that if you have set a dollar on a number, and win, you get paid $ 35. However, the odds on this bet are actually only 1 to 37, you see, there is the house edge. They pay you $ 35 for your $ 1, but you can expect to only once in 37 attempts to win. (Theoretically, of course, it can also happen that two or more times in succession to meet the set number). Suppose that you are putting a dollar for every bet, the house will take $ 37 from you and remain with $ 35. The difference of the two dollar is the house edge. Share 2 by 37 and you get an approximate value of $ 0053 negative expectancy at each set straight bet.