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Many online casinos offer since a few years or even shorter the opportunity to play. "Live" in the online casino You can think of playing online roulette or poker or online blackjack in an online live casino . And then really live is live! If you have registered at the casino of your choice, you can start. You go to the online poker room where they offer live poker. If you are logged in will see on your screen, the dealer who deals the cards distributed to the players. So you can see live what happens.

And if the dealer as to his or her hair is you will see that too. Everything is shown with a video connection on your screen. For the roulette table has been the same technique made ??possible. And this is really great. You can see the dealer and you can bet your chips on the number of your choice. Also, you can bet your money on a series of numbers. And of course, on odd or even or black or red. And then it's wait and see which number the ball will come to you. It's really great to where the ball "live" rolling on your screen.

It until it comes into one of the compartments. And do you know whether you have won or not. And then you can start to cheer and dance or you can prepare for the next round. Find out more today how great it is to live to play at an online casino and visit one of the websites that are listed here. Download our free app for iPhone iPad and Android, and receive every month free play money in your phone or tablet!
Visit on your tablet or smartphone our special page and it will take you directly to the appropriate app store. free casino download app and get free money each month, it is also possible to scan our QR code with a QR reader and so go to the right appstore: Roulette is and remains the most exciting by its small bets with great odds. If you want to go online roulette games then you do it preferably at an online casino that you can trust and you know that you are honest and not game playing.