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In addition, the ability to live-games provide only the major online casino "with a name." Judge for yourself: rent premises, purchase of expensive equipment and maintenance staff specially trained employees - not cheap! Online casino with live dealers value their reputation and will not cheat their customers for the sake of expediency. The loss of a good name for this institution means a loss of business, and it is much more expensive than a pair of rates obtained by dishonest means.

Some particularly distrustful players even doubt that the game really is in real time. However, this could be tested by asking the dealer chatting to wave you hand, a wink or shake his head. In addition, you can enter the game at the same time from different computers and verify the identity of the results issued to all participants.

Of course, the video streaming casino with live dealers, you'll need a fairly fast internet connection. For a comfortable game requires at least 256 kb / s. If, however, the game stops and the picture is constantly jammed, try to lower the quality of the video in the settings of your casino and close all unnecessary applications currently running on your computer.

Do not forget also that streaming video is always a large volume of incoming traffic, so that your online rate must be unlimited. Otherwise, for a half an hour playing with a real dealer you can pay a month's supply of internet traffic.

Starting the game with a real dealer you should also be ready for some time constraints. In vivo actions format for players and the dealer, as a rule, is given a fixed time. So, if you're used to playing fast-disabled animation, you have to be patient. And if you practice a tricky game system for a long time and usually calculate the next move, you can not keep within the allotted time rate (usually about 45 seconds).