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One can basically win at almost every casino game a few thousand euros - assuming luck is on your side and grabs one while playing a bit under the arms. There is, however, play solutions that are worth more than all the  other slots and classic, which offer in online casinos: jackpot games. The term clearly suggests that it just is not about classic basic profits, but for the chance to win a bulging jackpot. What this fails, the course can not be said lump sum. Each casino game is the point differently, but they all have one thing in common: a tension effect, can not keep up with the other slots without jackpot. We have a variety of products in this section attractive and profitable jackpot games brought together.

Among them are surprisingly not only slot machines but there are also a few classic table games at Jackpot been coupled and shed with a little luck, a lot of cash. One of the newest introductions, for example, Marvel roulette. Who knows Marvel slot games, which already suspects what's behind the Jackpot symbol put on the roulette table otherwise classic. An alternation is lacking at major casinos do not, we have already presented on our website. Jackpot game is not the same jackpot game. This experience makes you as a customer at online casinos quite fast. There are basically three main types of jackpots that should be known absolutely. The first variant is the fixed jackpot . This is, for example, set to some tens or hundreds of thousands of euros and will remain so until it is hit by the specifications.

After him the online casino directly filled up again. Most fixed jackpots are not as extremely high as progressive jackpots . In this second variant of the pot steadily increasing. A certain portion of all wagers flows into the jackpot , making it possible that this ever crowded - sometimes even up to several million euros. If such content is distributed, it goes to zero - in some cases, even with a certain basic amount - from the front going on. Variant are three jackpots, the height is changing relative to the choice of the insert. Who, for example, only provides the minimum bet that can win maybe a few hundred or thousand euros. Going with the use of the limit, the jackpot is correspondingly higher. All three forms have certain advantages and disadvantages, and it is ultimately a matter of personal preference which jackpot games they like the best.