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What really surprised us of this title is its total lack of repeatability . As soon as you take familiarity with obstacles and enemies , new content will come soon that will make the company even more complex. You will need  to pay attention to the platforms from which sprout iron spikes , but also use your brain to be able to take special gloves that allow you to push the iron box.  The control system is very simple to use , you'll have to direct the protagonist drawing lines and help to move the box.

The goal will be to open the small prisons and reach the exit end of the maze. Push The Box will captivate you from the very beginning , because at the beginning the game will give you the possibility of your integration with the levels quite simple. The complexity of the title, however, will not wait . Initially you only have to push the simple wooden boxes, but later will also come the wolves that act as guards.

With the progress of the levels also reach the escape route will be difficult, in fact, you can only open it using a special mechanism. Even the guards will increase, along with many other traps, but fortunately you can take advantage of cardboard boxes to hide from bad wolves. The levels become extremely difficult with the arrival of the monitoring cameras. These are not the only elements present in Push The Box , it would be almost impossible to list them and also do not want to anticipate everything!

Push The Box features simple graphics , but at the same time very accurate and detailed. The internships , as such , will be able to differentiate their thanks to the many content will be added over the course of the game. More go on, the more paths become rich obstacles with a unique design,  so the settings will not always be the same! The game allows you to have a view from above that will allow you to always have the situation under control . While you will seek the resolution of the game, you will be accompanied by a fun little tune in the background.