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Online casinos that you see in the picture on the left are all targati, that are backed months of testing and certification of software, so you do not have within them scams. The column Maximum Bonus indicates the maximum creditable second bonus promotions in force, so that's always good to read the page in the casino-related promotions. The column gaming platform is the software used by the casino. The column Reliability casino is our assessment to give a coherent ranking of those who we think are the best in order.

It happened, that some players have encountered some administrative problems or some cunning behavior on the part of the casino, but these behaviors have been duly reported by players to the forum and solved immediately. Take into account that the forum casino is read by all the official representatives of online casinos and all kinds of complaints and problem is solved and bed. So if you want to play then you can choose any online casino in the list on the side, and play without worry, of course, always with the head restraint and because the game online if not managed well can be a dangerous environment.

One of the online player reviews about online casino, Hello, I am an online casino player for many years and I decided to write this site to shed light on the scams that take place in casinos and recount my experiences. What is written on the web about online casino scam is not very clear, and often misleading, written by webmasters who have only the intention to bring in some portals and see if many sites that say that online casinos are a scam then do nothing that sponsor the same gambling portals.

To avoid running into online casino scam you have to do several researches the web and inquire for a moment on the situation of gaming portals. Doing this takes time and most importantly a thorough Acquaintances of sites that talk about online casino. In fact, it often rests with scam sites offering such winning strategies to the various games and instead are strategies that make you lose money and time, so you have to be careful. Me with my fellow players are experts in this and we can certainly advise you what are the most reliable sites to gather information about online casinos. Have a safe play!